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Why we Pay

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I've seen the question ask why do we pay for this? Well the answer is quit simple, We love it! Why do we love it? Because we are analyst, we  conducts analysis. we watch and judge each new girl to see what she does in her first two weeks in the APT. Base on that a decision is made. Not by one but by most of us in the group(group meaning any group in the chat) She will She won't She do  She don't. all of this is fact finding info we use to pass judgement on if a couple or girl will make it on RLC. So now this group throw it's info into the chat and watch the opinions. Now opinions are like assholes we all have one, meaning there is no wrong opinion. Now we sit back and analyze(examine methodically and in detail the constitution or structure of (something, especially information), typically for purposes of explanation and interpretation)in the chat. Booommmm the chat just exploded with opinion form everywhere(remember opinion are like assholes we all got one). So now we gather up the opinions separate the ones we like from the ones we dislike  and prepare our talking points for when we hit the chat. Now what do all of this means?   It means we are all assholes (remember opinion are like assholes LOL) with opinion about certain APT. Meaning we PAY so we can stay up on info about the APT we happen to like. Meaning we Pay not just for the view ,but for the info we gather also. Why? because RLC Gave Birth to RLCF and THATS WHY WE PAY! Some of us are on the downside of the mountain and we enjoy chatting with our friends, friends we might have never know if not for RLC and RLCF. just an Opinion from an Asshole. Thanks for reading

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