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I agree... a bit over a year ago was when I found this site. The couples were very busy and there was usually something to see- day or night, whatever time zone. Hell, just the free cams alone could get interesting. You could hear Alma screaming and moaning through the whole apartment as she was getting stuffed in one end or the other. Now, I scroll through all 7 apartments and maybe see 1 person laying on a couch or plinking on a computer.

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Yea, I got that message. I remember when 6 apts. was too much to keep up with. Now 7 apts. are not even worth looking at. 

Now, I scroll through all 7 apartments and maybe see 1 person laying on a couch or plinking on a computer.

If that is your opinion, then you can not possibly have stopped by at Diana and Efim.

I have recently given RLC a feedback.

"Dear reallifecam team,

Diana and Efim are by far the best couple, it's fun to watch them, and they are worth the money as the only couple.

To observe  Alina Anton is also interesting.

Leora and Paul are like Maya and Stepan hardly interesting. It is worth rarely.

Isabel and Marcelo are such as Sofia and Roman just boring.

And if I may see Katya and Ruslan, i am annoyed that I have to pay for it.

How can you take such a jammed and prudish couple, 70% of the day Keep-on in separate spaces,

18 hours a day ruslan is  sitting in front of the computer or tv, while katya is bored, and for that I should pay?

Overall there are really only two couples of really interesting, this is the fee too high, if it is more like Diana and Efim then it would look different."

Maybe we should give all RLC more and more feedback, the only way that can change something for the better.

kind regards, Zolti

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