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Let's talk about PETS!


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Oh HI EVERYBODY!  It's me, Sturm, with another late night "things that make you go Hmmmm" moment.  

So, we know most of our favorite apartments have PETS - cats, dogs, bunnies, birds, lizards, what have you.  Some more than others.  

I was watching Martina & Alberto tonight (0600 their time) and noticed they were both snoozing on the couch with Neggie.  Neggie is the nickname I gave him since he is a  black dog and the Spanish word for black is 'negro' so I went with Neggie.  Fuck ME if you think I'm racist - not meant to be, I'm just trying to be grammatically correct.  

ANYWAY, I got to wondering, do we know how many other tenants have pets?  Dogs, cats, birds, bunnies, whatever?  Let us list those that we know, shall we?  

Of course, I start with Butch and Sundance, Nina and Kira's twin brother long haired orange tabbies... gorgeous and fun and funny!  I love watching them.  

Next, Nelly and Bogdan's EXQUISITE Maine Coon.  This cat is fucking beautiful.  I call her Cleopatra, because she deserves such a title.  

I refrain from naming Leora's mutt, since I don't watch Leora, and everyone else complains about his incessant barking whenever she bates, soooo, yeah.  

Martina/Alberto, Neggie, he is a very good doggie.  Reminds me of my own black doggie, Fred.  

No one knows what became of dearly departed Julia and Eric's poor bunny.  I hope he's hopping in carrot patches now.  Poor rabbit.  

I think Anabel and Fhim have bunnies too?  Not sure, I haven't paid attention here unless Anabel is playing her violin.  Sorry.  

My dear Maya, and her poor, old, wretched Wrinkles (the dog).  He's on his last leg, as he gets no exercise, and he's bored to fucking death.  I feel the most for Wrinkles.  And the three cats - meh, I love cats but I can't name them.  I bet they would love to escape outside and face Siberia on their own.  

Lovely Chloe and Tyler, you have one of those hairless cats like MSD, and you love your kitty, and he loves you, even when he pees in your bed.  That's love.  He is named Peechy.  

M/S/D - of course I have to mention FANG, the original hairless cat - some of the most epic RLC viewing was because of FANG sinking his teeth into a guest and spraying arterial blood all over the apt.  I will never forget that night (and neither will the guest - nor any of us).  

GP: I don't watch GP but I once saw there were several stray cats that came around the pool, and even came in the house.  Are the strays still around GP?  

Please feel free to add any pets I have forgotten and/or your thoughts on such.  This is what forums are made for!  😎

[edit]  p.s. yes I am an animal lover.  I have one giant black schnauzer mix (Fred), two regular house cats, four foster rescue cats, and eight happy fish in a 50 gal tank.  

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