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Although the Vacation apartment may be a success for some, but lately I see it not as a couples place nor Vacation apartment, but just a place where B1 or B2 use to gain points from others.  By bringing back a few of RLC pass rejects not all but more then some would want to see again things has been going down hill.  With the fake sex classes from the B1 crews in the pass and the on going drinking and passing out from the B2 crew that never seems to stop.  Most of the viewers has witness drugs and a lot of alcohol consumption that's made a few look very dump and stupid.  For me there has only been one real couple in the pass "Jasmin and Jim" and for ever reason once they left RLC has been bringing in more and more rejects to the stage along with their teachers from B1 and B2...and occasionally one or two substitute teachers from the GP apartment.   I highly see what and why viewers would want to see something that really has nothing to do with voyeurism or yet Real Life unless your into watching others drink their lives away like alcoholics and doing drugs.

Hopefully one day the staff in RLC well take a look at another big mistake that some one came up with as in B1 and B2 and the so call Vacation Apartment...who's viewers has slowly diminished towards the grave yard.8)

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Looks like another drinking party is over again a the so call vacation apartment..."and the there was 4 drunks from the B2 apartment joining in also." LOL   Now that the party is over and everyone  and they all went out and came back except Rus who is not back yet. and the girls are back at B2 and one of the twins are crying.."oh oh oh" some one must have stepped on her foot..lol  I wonder what sat one of the twins off.  Kylie doesn't seem to be taking things good either with her visiting girl friend.  I do see that Gina and  headed back out...and are now back at the vacation apartment....."strange when one of the twins needed Gina for comfort and advise she decided to leave and head out the door with laughter and with Jaya who haven't been a good influence with the viewing of the of others neither.  Lets hope that Kylie has more alcohol to drink for Gina who would be down for anything then...."but most know that Kylie would rather have one of the twins too. LOL   Kylie's girl friend doesn't seem to intrigued on seeing Gina or Jaya from the looks of her and she may have seen how Gina like to show her ass and other parts of the open legged body to Rus..lol...."maybe she see's threw Gina and Jaya....both are very>:D conning."8)

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