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On 5/21/2019 at 2:25 PM, Dragnet said:

Didn't take long for MSD to get back to happy families again. Never been sure what to make of the whole situation and just looks like an act most of the time.


On 5/21/2019 at 2:40 PM, Wazzer said:

The whole MSD, DSM whatever it's classified as, is just a performance apartment and keep viewers wondering what will be next.

This whole situation has to be addressed. In what life does any of this look anything other than staged? Ok, so we are led to believe that M&S have split up. S has moved onto D. Ok, that in itself is acceptable. But they all still live together. Hmm. Ok, maybe one party is waiting on the bosses getting them another place, could be. 


What happened at the weekend threw all of that into the garbage. Masha and Sasha, who have hardly spoken for weeks, are curled up together as if they are still a couple. She is literally rubbing herself on him to try and seduce him. He allows it. And what does his (supposed) new partner do about his Ex trying it on? Absolutely nothing. Really? Can you imagine this happening in reality? If this 'Split' has indeed been a storyline, simply to get viewers - And the sudden turnaround certainly suggest this - Then how is anyone meant to believe anything else that happens? I don't doubt that Masha is willing to do anything possible to get attention, she craves it. He hasn't got the balls to stop her, and his new woman is more than happy to do whatever is required. What a pathetic way to live eh?

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