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Dasha and Demid

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1. We are pleased to present a new couple: Dasha and Demid. Check it out at 



2. Upgrade from Standard to Premium Membership


If you have an active Standard Membership and wish to upgrade to Premium Membership you will need to follow these steps:


- Cancel your current Standard Membership at  (for SegPay) or  (for Verotel)

Note: Let us know if you will need our help with this step and we'll cancel your subscription


- Join us with the Premium option for $44.95


- Contact us at  with the Upgrade Recalculation request and we'll extend your Premium Membership expiration date with this simple formula:

1.5 days of Standard Membership = 1 day of Premium Membership

For example, if you have 15 days left of your Standard Membership and join us with the Premium Option for $44.95 per 30 days then after the recalculation you will get 30 + (15/1.5) = 40 days of Premium Membership


Let us know if you need any help.


New updates are coming soon. Stay tuned![/td]



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If they are not home for a while, I will understand. It may take some time to let that foul smell from Katya and Ruslan to clear out of the apartment.

Big like hollywood.. I do agree with you although you're jocking .. Anyways; seems RLC is trying to have good and active couples .. This would make me think faster about having a paid membership soon to enjoy watching the lovely pussies & asses..  

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Have not seen anything yet. However, last night a nice shower scene. Tattoo good picture, the two pistols are a left and right with the barrel pointing down to her pussy. For the rest she raises tried two times but he kept falling asleep

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Dasha has tried three times to have sex with Demid for the past two nights and he has turned her away. The night before last, she stormed off into the living room crying. Demid eventually picked her up and brought her back to to bed.  Last night, she tried again, but he wanted to sleep.  She  managed to wake him so that she could get his shirt and shorts off, then she just cuddled with him.  Meanwhile, in the kitchen/living room, there wasn't any action by their friends who stayed the night.  They eventually left early in the morning.  And, Dasha tried again earlier today, but Demid brushed her off because he was watching television.  She tried to get up to leave, but he pulled her back on the sofa and kissed her.  Then, he gets up and leaves the room only to go to the balcony.

Maybe something will happen tonight.  We can only hope.

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 After their sexual adventures this afternoon . The couple went to bed this evening  , Demid tried to go to  sleep but every time he started to nod off , Dasha would wake him with a grab or sign of affection . He finally had enough and took his pillow to sleep on the living room pull-out sofa , leaving her to sleep on the bed in their bed room . ( sounds a lot like the couple Alina and Anton ) .  

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