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Anyone think we would ever see a 3some on RLC ? IT Would be nice to see some real action. If there would be one couple I would have to think that would do a 3some it would be D&D just she's so horny all the time or maybe even A&A since there always experimenting even thou not too much lately but maybe a 3some would spice up there relationship. If these are normal people like us then why not. It would be a hot hot scene to see N & K having some hot sex with another chick. Don't you think?

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So ordinary people don't have 3somes? Well I'm ordinary and I've had a few in my lifetime so far. Last one was in my early thirties and in my twenties I had a couple more. Not trying to brag those days are over for me but young people like to experiment sometimes and why not RLC couples. Why cause you feel there not as open towards things like that in other countries other then America? By the way you don't have to be a porn star to have a 3 some it happens all the time maybe not in our lives but it happens. Another thing if 2 girls living together and fucking eachother is accepted in there society then why not a 3somes? I'm sure it happens a lot more than we think. One thing I do agree with you it's that I don't see none of these couples doing anything like that but I guess it's ok to fantasize.

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I consider myself normal and have had 3 somes and full swaps in my later years but a while ago (10 years or so). It does happen more than you think but people don't advertise it and keep it private when they are doing it. There are probably many more women and wives who are bi or bi curious than you think.

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Not every "ordinary" person will engage in threesomes. 


As for RLC, the only threesome I have seen has been with N&K. With regards to any of the other tenants having threesomes I don't think we will see any...and the topic of these tenants having threesomes has been a topic that has been brought up since I first became a member. No luck so far.


However, if a threesome for any of the tenants was to ever happen, then I think the couples more likely to have one would be A&A, and maybe D&E if Efim could ever convince Diana.


Personally, I don't think Paul would go for it. I see Leora cheating on him before a threesome would ever happen. Maya & Stepan don't strike me as a couple who would do it. Adriana & Daniel are too in love with each other. Nora is the same with Kiko. If there ever was going to be a threesome with them, then I'm sure we would have seen one by down, considering some of the friends Nora & Kiko have had over in the past (who seem like they would be game). I could see Dasha doing something like that, but I seriously doubt Demid would even consider the idea. I don't think Lucas would be able to handle someone else banging Veronica, not even another woman. Butch would probably be the same as Lucas. 


As for the two new girls, hard for me to tell at this point...too new.


But, in my experience, the right guy can get any girl to do anything sexual she wouldn't normally do. It just comes down to asking ourselves if any of these guys on RLC are the right guys, who are interested in doing threesomes. Again, I could see Efim doing it if Diana would approve and from what I have seen from Anton & Alina lately, I could see them engaging in a threesome...someday...but, it wouldn't surprise me if we never see it on RLC. It may occur later in their lives.

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