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I have compared some pics and I believe it is the same Nora who was with Kiko.

Furthermore, here is what another Nora fan, See, posted on CC.

"...she is the original Nora. I have seen so many items that I have seen her in the old apartment, and I have seen her in the bath, she is genuine.

I looked at Nora and Kiko's life in the old apartment very carefully and lot. I draw a lot of attention to objects and details. You have not seen those objects in the new apartment, because you are not Premium. I'm sure you remember the pink pig, pink laptop bag, blue/white hair dryer, red rough fabric looked like towel and its end patterns? Surely you remember her red phone with a slide keyboard under the display? All of those articles I have seen her in the new apartment, can not be a coincidence.

She is our only true Nora!"

Only true Nora fans will pick out these types of details and verify that it is actually her. 

As far as picture comparison goes: Nora is the girl on the far right in the yellow and black.


Here is a couple of old pictures of the Nora when she was in the old apartment.



When I was watching her in the kitchen cooking this evening, everything came together. It's just been a while and she has changed some, hair is different (colored with streaks of red), she has gained a little weight (but the old cams vs. the new cams that RLC is using now may make some difference), BUT same eyes and nose, Oh, and the same fucking necklace as shown in the pics.  I believe it is her. And, if I see her put on those glasses, that will confirm any doubts for me.

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I believe the name they give us is not their real name (i.e. Alma's name was really som ething else.) And if it was Nora it wouldn't have to be the same one. I'm sure there is more than one in that country. Hell there have been 3 Stephans on here (spelled differently but pronounced the same). It seemed to me the old Nora and Kiko got along very well and unless she had another fit I couldn't see them breaking up, but you never know there.

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More will come to light as time passes.

But, I remember one thing that Nora & Kiko did that used to have me questioning if that was popular style in Europe, and that was they wore mixed-matched socks...almost never wore the same color socks on both feet. Nora & Kiko were the only ones to do that on RLC. And, yes, there is more than one Nora, but how many of them look too closely like her, have some of the same shit she has, and wears mixed-match socks too?

We'll see in time. 

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Several more coincidences, the green suitcase and the blue bag on Nora's shelves are the same ones that were on the top shelf of the dance studio in Nora's & Kiko's apartment. And, I just watched an old vid and the Piggy lamp that the new Nora has was once sitting on the small dresser in Nora's & Kiko's bedroom.

I'm going through some old pics and vids right now, and the more I find, the more I become convinced that the new Nora is the old Nora who was on RLC before with Kiko.

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Have we even established that the girl we're thinking MIGHT be the old Nora, is the one of the four girls that THEY are calling Nora? They're not exactly wearing name tags. The girl THEY are calling Nora might be one of the other three.....

Unless I missed somewhere they attached a name to each of the girls...  do we have the right one?

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The new Nora, who looks like the old Nora (the one who was with Kiko) sleeps in the bedroom where cam 5 and 6 are located...and coincidentally, those cams are named "Nora's room".

And, when if it is fully revealed that it is the old Nora, there isn't any reason to assume she and Kiko have broken up. Now, if we see her being intimate in a sexual way with a new guy or girl, then that would tell us much.

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