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Update: Site name change


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As you’ve likely noticed the name of the site has been changed from discussed.cc to xcamfan.com. I changed the name for the following reasons: 

•    The prior name was (9) letters long and could be confused with similar sounding words. 
•    The prior name was awkward to spell. 
•    The prior name was an English word that may not translate well to other languages. 
•    The prior name used a .cc extension that is often associated with spammers and doesn’t rank well.
•    The prior name didn’t really reflect the nature of the site.
•    The new name is easy to remember and easy to spell. 
•    The new name uses a .com extension. 
•    The new name uses related keywords “Cam” & “Fan”.

The new name pays homage to the original name by reinstating “camfan”. I interpret the “X” in xcamfan to be a variable, as in one can interchange the names of cam sites, we are essentially a fan forum for cam sites. One could also interpret it to mean “X-Rated cam fan". Or perhaps “ex-cam fans” might consider this a place where they can talk more openly about their complaints and displeasure with the current cam scene. 

Ultimately, I am hoping that it will help the site rank better and that it will be easier for people to find and remember as the name is shorter and uses relevant keywords. I don't foresee changing the name again. 

Thank You, 

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