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Are they married


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Toolmaker is referring to breakup and divorce...and he's right on that part.


Whether or not it makes a difference if these couples are married is most likely subjective. Some want to know for personal reasons and other just want to know out of curiosity. Either way, it is a fair question to ask. But, as far as any of us know, none of the couples presently on RLC are married...or rather no one has seen any proof...yet.


frenchy and MEE4YOUU make good points. There is a cultural difference and a ring is not proof. Besides, if any of us ever saw a ring on the right finger, then someone would argue that it's not the right kind of ring...that it could just be an engagement ring or a promise ring...and the reality of it could be that it was her grandmother's ring.

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Not sure if I can rely on a wedding dress being seen as concrete proof. One of my ex's had a wedding dress in her closet, but it wasn't there because she had ever been married nor did it have anything to do with me and her getting married someday. It was her mother's wedding dress. After her mother died, she kept it and still has it in her closet to this day.


Nevertheless, the wedding dress is strong evidence, just not total proof. It's just too bad that we don't have anyone on these boards who speaks their language.


MEE4YOUU, you may think we...as viewers...should know everything about these couples. As a viewer, a watcher, and mostly a voyeur, I only need to know whatever satisfies my curiosities and fulfills my desires. If RLC chooses to give me hints or answer my emails with truths or lies, then more power to them as long as they do NOT directly affect the daily actions of the couples. Being realistic, I know this site is not a voyeur site in its pure form, but it is pretty close compared to other voyeur-like sites. In other words, I wouldn't want RLC making couples do anything on camera. It's enough for them to live with cameras and be aware of them. If RLC starts making them do things to give us hints, then it needs to be so discreet that we do not notice. More importantly, if RLC gave us any hints or information, then what would be the point of watching anymore...other than the sex?

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