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Who's off-limits?


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I really didn't no whether to add this subject to the "Suggestions Board" or here.

Anyway I have notice that most of the disagreements with members in the Chat Room and the Forum section is always about these girls in both RLC and VHTV, and I think that maybe someone higher up should let paying members know which of these girls are off limits when it comes to comments whether those comments are positive or negative.  I feel if a member can't express his or her real feelings about any of these girls in these apartments with out getting threatened or harassed by other members who are obsessed then whats the use of having either the Chat Room or the Forum?  Surly I well be reminded of the ignore buttons, "but really, do they always work?"   I think maybe its time for some new rules or just shut down both sections.  The comments shouldn't really be about what's positive or negative, it should be about what's one's feelings and thoughts are with out being harassed by others.8)

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