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LEORA UPDATE (yum yum I want some)

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LOL! There are many times that Paul is digging in the wrong hole.


Oh, and that whole licking the shit out of her asshole and fucking it, WOW! Someone more perverted than me. I'm used to hearing people say something like, "She's so fine I'd drink her bath water" or "She's so hot, I'd eat the corn out of her shit." But, I think cessna2015 really meant what he said.

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She is a very hot woman, if she'd just wise up to Paul. 

  WE all know she could do so much better, but that's part of being a 'player' on rlc. They've been a part of the rlc for so long, I think a lot of what Leora does when in the room with cams, she knows exactly how to play to get the most reaction from us voyeurs. Watching her clean house in her short-short panties is one example; she goes from room to room cleaning bits here and bits there, wanting us to be forced to switch cams to keep up.

 After long watching her since moving to the new apartment, she does a lot of teasing, knowing when to start and then suddenly stop, or move to another room, hoping to recruit new premium members. I certainly know this, cause I too have been tempted to buy the premium, only to read on here that she stopped teasing only to dress and leave for work.

 I suspect that not only does rlc give them furnished apartment, but also a commission on new premium members. I base this revelation that just recently cessna2015 in the USA wanted to join the rlc family only to not get a response. Maybe they only pay in rubics, rupples, or whatever they call that money.

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