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Leora and her female guest

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Paul wasn't home today (or yesterday) and Leora spent the whole day with a friend of her (or maybe she's her sister) 

At 3 a.m. their time they started dancing and got crazy and all guys (including me) expected to watch a super show between Leora and her friend. 

The 2 girls danced and stripteased for more than 2 hours but that was only for fun.. 

It is now 6.30 their time and they are still up and I (and most of the guys) still have a little hope for a hug, a kiss or anything that would turn us off.. Some expected to see a solo masturbation .. But none of these happened yet.. 

I wish if Leora has had spent this day alone.. we would definitely have seen something else >>>


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This girl came to their old apartment once. I believe I mentioned it on an older post, but all they did that day was get tipsy off wine, hug each other and then kissed each other several times on the lips (but it was not anything other than a friendly kiss - pecks, no tongue). Afterward, they grabbed they left the apartment together.


If I still have the pic of that day, I may post it.

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Acabo de ver como tiene un orgasmo y como siempre pienso que lo hace muy consciente de los mirones que estamos detras de la camara pero pienso que ella difruta mas sabiendo que estamos ahi .Nocabe duda de que se quiere muchisimo a si misma

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