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What the problem here?

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What's the problem, RLC has no touch on reality, they keep bring in has been or to young females, WHO DON'T KNOW THIS GAME YET. What's the solution? Revamp, I know there are multi racial female where they are, quit bring in the has been who have run out of money and see RLC as a quick fix. it is not good for the customer and your site. bring in some 30 to 40ish and maybe even 50ish  MILF'S and let them do what these young ass, girls won't. I know some l won't agree, but ask yourself are you not tiered of seeing the same old BULLSHIT. FOR ALL you who say if you don't like it don't pay. well you pay for what you see on free cam ,which is set up to draw you in, then you get the same old ass tenants doing the same old shit. FACT CHANCES OF ONE OF RLC ORIGINAL OLDSCHOOL CUSTOMER FUCKING ONE OF THEIR HOUSE IS SLIM TO NONE,YET WE PAVED THE WAY. SO GIVE US WHAT WE WON'T THE A BUNCH OF RERUNS , BUT ORIGINALLITY, NOT THESE HAS BEEN THAT HERE ON YOUR SITE TODAY.RLC  GO FISHING THERE IS PLANTY OF FISH IN THE SEA, CASS YOUR NET WIDER. FOR THOSE WHO LIKE THIS COMMENT, LOVE TO YOU,FOR THOSE WHO DON'T STICK AROUND AND YOU WILL.


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