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Appreciate Women That Are Comfortable and Free to Show Their Naked Body


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It amazes me how many women (young, middle aged and older women) know and appreciate their female qualities (body, beauty and personality) enough to not hesitate in teasing others. This can be by how they show off their cuteness, how they dress, how they take and post selfies and even to the point of posting naked selfies, gifs, pics and videos on the internet and social media sites. Sex videos are the ultimate reveal for others to enjoy. My thoughts are about those women that flash their naked tits, ass, pussy and even complete nudity. Unfortunately, not in my neighborhood - FFS!!! Dammit. I just get to enjoy looking at women fully dressed or sexily dressed. I fully appreciate women that can comfortably show some form of partial nudity or complete nudity. This could be because they are totally comfortable with who they are, enjoy the tease and reaction of others or believe in the phrase "if you got it, flaunt it". I would never ever think negative of these type of women but instead salivate over any sightings.

With the internet and social media sights you can see that women from every country like exposing themselves. Even men are doing this too but I will talk about the women. When I was young it was rare to see women showing any nudity and you had to be sneaky (voyeur) to observe something good. Back in my day, any bare skin was from the Sears Catalogue lingerie section, National Geographic magazine (African women), lucky search for my father's Playboy magazines or quick nudity of a black and white movie on TV. Nowadays, nudity is everywhere - yes, thankfully.

When going to public school it was awesome and exciting to stare at a girl's shapely ass in tight fitting jeans, girl showing her bare legs, girl's in one piece bathing suits or if you were lucky in a two piece bikini or ogling my aunt's revealing ample cleavage.

  1. stare at in a lecherous manner.
    "he was ogling her breasts"

 Going to the strip clubs for naked table dancing and then touch naked lap dancing was a huge upgrade 😈 

Some women hate that men look at women as sex objects. Some women are shy or too inhibited to even wear tight or revealing clothes. Some women think their body is not that good looking. 
Most women look gorgeous whether dressed or naked. Some women look even better naked than dressed.
I just get a kick out of how women today seem to be comfortable showing off their naked body parts (even their pussy spread wide open and closeups of their asshole). Pissing girls is quite the thing now too. 
I enjoy women of all shapes, sizes, color as long as they have one redeeming quality. A fat women with huge boobs gets my attention, A skinny girl with big nipples or meaty pussy grabs my attention. A plain looking girl with an amazing body would be an eyeful. An older woman (60's, 70's or 80's) that has huge shapely boobs or is an amazing cum swallowing cocksucker is worth my time.
So, women doing these voyeur cam sites or Chaturbate type sites or porn have my respect and admiration because they put it all out there for us to see and enjoy. Variety of women IS the spice of life. Nothing better than watching naked women laughing and having fun as they give viewers the special tease or treat. Leora is one of these special girls that offers up teases, nudity and sex but in return she gets her orgasmic thrills at the same time. 
Society with an abundance of nudity and sex is much preferred over all the drug abuse, violence, murders and corruption happening around the world.
Peace, love, nudity and sex - what the world needs more of.
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