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Changing clothes

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Ha Ha, I just clicked on Leora and as I got there she was just putting on a bra in the bedroom, then she decided on a nice dress, then a cardigan, she looked nice.

Then she decided to put a belt round the cardigan which in my mind spoiled the look, she pranced about in front of the mirror like she does rhen goes to the guest room to look at herself again in that mirror.

decides she doesn't like the dress so goes in the corner which is slightly off camera, takes off the dress then puts on a pair of jeans, decides she doesn't like the top she has on then puts on a teeshirt, cardigasn goes back on this time no belt.

Prances about in front of the mirror again then off to the hall to put her shoes on, back and forth between rooms, I couldn't keep up with her on the camera, eventually she went out the door, I think the only thing I like about her is her cute backside.

I've not been on RLC that long but I have seen pics and read where she pleasures herself, I can't wait to see that, also I haven't seen her in the shower or take a bath, if she does I missed it everytime.

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  If you continue to watch Leora, you will discover she suffers from a very severe case of OCD and she is also narcissistic.

The longer you watch her, the more you will see she is definitely a creature of habit;  many times she looks and acts like she is doped up on  speed; racing from one room to the next and back again with no real purpose for going there. One could easily describe her as putting an idiot in a round room, then telling her to go to the corner.  After while, she gets very boring with her routines and even watching her ' pleasure herself' is orchestrated. Same moans and motions. All in about the same time frame, too.

   Honestly, Leora and Paul should feel very lucky that they've lasted as long as they have. I believe, that Leora's whorish walk, childish attitude, and delectable ass has kept her here this long. They are one of the  oldest couples on rlc, along with Maya and Stepan

  BUT, my opinion; because they are so boring and predictable, their final days on rlc are very near.

  There are other tenants on rlc much more sexually passionate and likable. I encourage you, watch them as well;........ much more bang for your bucks.

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Must agree wholeheartedly with toolmaker and his description of being orchestrated is spot on.

i would liken it to a well rehearsed show as whether she so calls pleasures herself in the bath or on the bed 

it's always the same actions with all the same head flicks and facial expressions.

in fact if you videoed a couple of sessions you would only need to just keep playing it back over and over as you 

you wouldn't see any different than watching it live and after a while it does get very boring,just don't bother to watch 

her very often now as it's just repeat after repeat.

Also she seems a bloody miserable cow with always the same lifeless expression on her face.

In fact within reason the whole project is getting a bit boring now and needs a thorough clear out with fresh faces.

You can only watch the same thing over and over again so many times before it gets boring.

And watching sheets going up and down when many of em are so called shagging just gets rather pointless as well

though some seem to get very excited about it lol.

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