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  1. I think that is the end of RLC, like the last time, when the were in Russa. I don't understand why Vouyer House is ok and RCL always have problem. If there are the same company.
  2. Ok, do you have any pictures to certify is not her. maybe the administration can help us. Just a hint.
  3. One question to the olders of the group. Do you remember the girfriend of Due eye on Nina and Kira apartament? I think that she is Malia the friend of Leora. I see this girls coming and goes.
  4. maybe in the begin are fake, and then they start to like it.
  5. Maybe now that they are isoleted, start a new relationship. It call 'friend with benefits'. The same happen with Masha, one day she came bysexual. Wait and see.
  6. Last Thursday I saw K&K kissing in Kamila bed . They play a little one over the other one and in the end french kiss for at least one minute, That is something or not.
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