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  1. Mixture of playing with ya, but giving out enough that some may be stupid enough to subscribe. Have done the same thing on and off for years.
  2. A black screen would be more entertaining lol. Shows how bad it's got. 😂
  3. Thanks. It's like it lowers everytime you post images etc. Definitely needs to be looked into.
  4. Same crap happening again. 9.46kB!!. What's the script @Admin?
  5. It's ReturnLifeCam. You expect any less. Need the 2nd vacation for a rest from all the action they do on the first. 😂
  6. WTF is with this limited total size BS. Pain in the ass.
  7. Always a good laugh, especially when telling the chatters how it really is lol. If everyone really did on a daily basis it would be carnage lol. Full of fantasists and bullshitters. You've done a skydive, they've done it blindfolded and hands tied behind their backs. 😂
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