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A cold war.

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Last week it was reported that there was a major fall out, 'a screaming match' between Big Red and Little Blue.
I have no idea as to what it was about,it would be great if someone did really know,we could all speculate.
But since then I am not sure if they even speak to each other anymore.
From what I have observed there seems to be a real tension between each other.
I think C & S are trying to stay impartial in what ever has happened,but I feel Carina leans more towards Blue's side than Red.
C & S will interact with Red or Blue in a group situation, but never with Red & Blue. But there is still no interaction between Red & Blue.
In fact they now tend to sit as far away from each other as is possible, or Blue will remove herself from the living room,or will disappear into her laptop.
Red occasionally sneaks a sideways glance towards Blue, but quickly looks away before any eye contact is made between them.
Last night C & S and Blue had been out somewhere. Red had bedded down on the sofa as usual.
When they all came home Carina was stomping around in clunky shoes,throwing a bell-ball for the kitten to chase,there was no consideration to Red at all.
I just wonder how long this situation can continue?

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