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Leora met Paul whilst she was working as a hostess at a Nose Pickers Champions League Finals held annually at the Vergoldete Palast, an ornate convention centre paid for by the tax contributions of the hard working citizens of europe.
It wasn't love at first sight. She felt sorry for him as he had just come runner-up to Fritz Schlüsselloch who not only has been the champion for the last five years,but also invented the Finger ausgerenkt or finger dislocation technique for those hard to reach areas, unless you have a pair of long nosed pliers,although the use of tools in competition is strictly verboten!

(Fritz is also an expert in 'fisting' but that's another story.)
She also thought he might be able to keep the dog amused when she was out getting her hair or nails 'did'.

Maya met Stefan at a hobby/craft exhibition where he was engaged in struggling to fight his way out of a wet paper bag.She invited him home and gave him a make over/upcycle using plenty of wet/dry paper & a few coats of varnish. When she saw the size of his tool belt she decided he was a keeper. Also he is good with the pets.

Zoya met Lev when she was a visitor/friend of the state psychiatric facility/home for the bewildered. He was being held for his skirt fabrication compulsion. He had come to the attention of the authorities after several homes in his area had their rugs & bath mats stolen.
Using the skills he had learnt on an education programme in 'Advanced Psychopathic Techniques', he conned Zoya into believing he and his iPad were homeless & had no wifi connection to call their own.
She felt sorry for the poor sap & invited them to live with her,she thought love would flourish.(some sort of fked up Stockholm syndrome type shit,what do I know?)
Unfortunatley Lev had already met & fallen in love with another inmate,(who we shall refer to as T****) who was being treated for her OCD issues that involve bathing with all her clothes on as she belives that water is, 'the urine of satan'.
Gradually her treatment programme is paying dividends as now she showers in underwear instead of a full Divers wet suit,including goggles & air tank like she used to do.
T****, has been carefully worming her way into Zoya's home & stealing the attentions of Lev over a long period of time. Poor Zoya can not see this as her Stockholm,Copenhagen whatever the fk...syndrome has blinded her to what is going on in front of her. Or as various observers refer to as,'the bleeding obvious'.

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