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Pregnant Tenant

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I shouted to all yesterday that I thought Carla was pregnant. I still think that she is and I will make my case here for all of you to comment.

1. I have noticed that Carla has been putting on a few pounds lately.

2. She is incredibly hungry in the past several days. Yesterday Mario made what looked like big steak dinners for lunch and she woofed hers down in no time. For the evening meal Mario prepared two large sausage sandwiches on torpedo rolls for each of them, of which Carla devoured in quick time.

3. Her breasts are enlarged in size, no question about that!

4. Yesterday she emerged from the bedroom with bra in hand and was in the process of putting it on and I could not help but notice how her aerolas were bigger in circumference  and much darker in color than before.

It is possible that there are other explanations, but I'll leave that to your comments. 

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All I know is if Carla is pregnant it will be the end of this couple on rlc babies are not allowed on rlc that's how lora left what I don't get is how are children allowed on watchme247 but not rlc doesn't make sense to me maybe because rlc is a voyeur site and watchme247 is more of a site for kids?

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Well if she was pregnant long enough that her breasts had started growing already we would clearly see something. Also there's a little something every pregnant living being does, which she does not.

Building a nest... There's no "oh look tiny shoes!" sort of behaviour, no buying useless trash etc etc.

So, at least for my own sake, I keep believing everything is fine (in terms of not being pregnant) ;)

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@rob I can understand why they wouldn't have kids on RLC. It goes without saying; there's a lot of weirdos in this world. Also since the site is for entertainment purposes only, they'd have a bunch of legal constraints with minors.

Same here I just can't understand why watchme allow kids on their site it must be different rules maybe it is legal to have kids on that site being it is over Israel who knows

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