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You think Lev knows he looks like a BELLEND?

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To me he looks like someone who never had to actually work for a living. Someone who got everything from his parents but love.

A little autistic even.

Might be harsh, might be wrong. Can't stand looking at him though, makes it my least viewed appartment.

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We all talk shit about Lev and Paul but we've all got to admit...They both scored hot girls - they;re doing something right!!  Yes, both Paula nad Lev add zero value to their respective apt's.  Both of those amazing ladies and doing 100% of the work to keep viewers watching.  It's working because we're still watching and still hating on the men.  LOL!!  


Without even realizing it, I call both Lev and Paul, "Pimp Daddies"...lol...they are pimping those beautiful ladies out to us and we're paying (not literally) hook - line and sinker!!

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