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Dazed & Confused


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I hope I have posted this in the right section,

I thought about it for a while and decided that here is probably the right place. Don’t know? Don’t care!
I have sat on my hands for too long now & watched this fantastic forum slowly sliding into the Abyss. So here goes, time for an epic rant.
Part1, Rules & Regulations.
Recently there seems to have been a lot of confusion regarding the rules & regulations. Such as the rule about negative posts in the Fan Pages. As I have stated in the thread, â€Fan pages - what are they for??†.
 â€˜It is a forum and therefore people will have a different viewpoints, some will be positive, some negative. ‘
‘If we are expecting this forum to be all rainbows & unicorns and neutralized then it will become as dull as dishwater.’
It seems to me that the members are now confused as to what they are/are not allowed to post,other than the totally bleedin’ obvious. But what constitutes a negative comment? Maybe someone could explain it to the forum because it seems to me that even The Mods themselves seem to be lost as to what they should be allowing and what they should be deleting. Also whilst we are on the subject of deletion. Before Mods/Admin delete a post could you take a copy of it, so you can send it via PM to the member who is being censored, so they can understand how, where & why they went wrong so it doesn’t happen again?


Part2, Going off topic in the Chatroom/Shoutbox. In a previous thread, in the Frustration/Anger board, “negativity-in-the-chat-boxâ€. I stated, ‘the Chatroom/Shoutbox used to be fun’. Then I threw my teddy out of the cot! (took my own advice and withdrew from the chatroom before I exploded into rage.)
The room is supposed to be for RLC based chat, that is a given, it’s why we are here after all. But the conflicting message that ‘everyone should stay on-side’ and not wander off into personal areas seems to me, at odds with the friendly communal aspect of the Chat? Fair enough, if there is a lot going on in RLC-land then that is where the Chatroom should be focussed. I don’t have a problem with the room talking about a ‘hot topic’ e.g. SugarB on web-cam, it is great fun when the room is fired up. But what about when it is quiet in RLC-land? The great thing about the Chatroom is that sense of community, there are people who will help you if you need it. For instance, I’ve tried to help a member fix his guitar, I’ve seen others trying to help fix a members’ heating boiler. Many times I have advised newbies when others have ignored them. I’ve even taken that advice to PM so it doesn’t get in the way of the chatroom. So a brief, ‘hello mate did you fix your car?’ and a couple of follow up back & forth responses is a not allowed, but a banal, ’I want to f*** Nelly!’ is ok?
 Part3, Sure we all like to speculate about what has happened or might, it is part of the whole forum thing. Occasionally we can all be negative at times but usually it is good natured chat or banter or craic , the debate will go on, and sometimes we will have to agree to disagree, and there is no ‘hard feelings’. But yet again it seems that the Chatroom has been taken over, ‘occupied’ even, by members who want to preach and rant on about their particular favourite / most hated tenant or apartment. It doesn’t really matter that their conversation is based on pure speculation, and (* insert the deity of your choice) God help you if you should question their theory, or ask for evidence. There really is no point in trying to raise an alternative point of view, because if you dare, that’s when they get nasty & take it all too personally. They will respond with tales of their ‘research’, which of course is all true because they say so and is therefore FACT!  It doesn’t really matter to them that their conversation has become tedious to the point of boring a glass eye to sleep! They are oblivious!
Surely it cannot be right when the rest of the chatroom is being dictated to, staying silent, staying on the side-lines, logging-out, or worse, not coming into the chatroom at all because of a few ? 

I expect the response will be, “the mods can & should handle itâ€. This happens when the Mod’s aren’t around, they can’t be here 24/7. Usually the Chatroom can police itself, but members have been warned not to act like mods, but to report the problem instead.

It’s like been back at nursery school,â€Awwww I’m going to tell on you!â€
There is a lot of this history that is being repeated, just different tenants.
As they say in the House of Commons, Westminster, London.                                                                           (ya’ know that place underneath ‘Big Ben’ that you’ve seen on t.v? The mother of all parliaments, or should that be motherf……I digress.)
“I refer the right honourable gentleman/lady to the answer I gave some moments ago.â€
These areas need to be looked at and the rules & regulations clarified for the good of the Mods, Members and the Forum as a whole.
And while I am at it, can the ‘Read Me Board’ be solely for Advice, Information & Help, at the moment there are a few post’s in there that should be in General Discussion Board, or should it be in Frustrations…..or Negative……or Suggestions or………..?


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very well put.. lets see if it makes a difference .as you know there are always going be ppl that think they are above every one els . and will allways do the complete opposite . knowing it pisses .every one off ..they thrive on making ppl upset .because it makes them feel important but really they are sad lonely basta***s with no mates  

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