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People Obsessed with certain Tenants.


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Scotmans84  Man you hit the nail on the head. Some members are way to involved in this to the point it's not voyeurism any more.

Just don't use the "S" word, some are a little thin skinned about that.  After all, they are just following their target's social media feed, their friends social media feed, any guy they meet social media feed.  Hell anyone can do that, it is perfectly legal ........

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To me the K&K apartment is a reallife soap opera which I call "Mystery in Moscow".The more I know about the characters the more enjoyable and interesting is the soap opera.If that bothers you, then that is your problem, not mine.Maybe you guys are actually more concerned and worried about your own latent "S" tendencies.

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Some people seem to be obsessed with other people's obsessions.Maybe they need to get a life and mind their own business and then they wouldn't have so much time to be concerned about other people's obsessions.

Cunt your #1,

obsessed with other people's obsessions lol some of us need too look out for nutters like you ffs you cant even have a chat without mention Kami and Kami bf 

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I have an excuse for being on here.I am 70 yrs old and only see my girlfriend once a week.I'm more concerned about 32 yr olds on here.What is wrong with your love life? LOL

Great comeback lol see your gf once a week she must need help lol even worse a 70 yr old so interesred in a young girl and her bf ... BELLEND 

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