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Why Not Zoya And Lev

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Why dosen't Zoya and Lev ever have and couples come over and visited like the other apartments, or come and stay for a few days like "Demid and Dasha or Masha or Sasha"?  Or why haven't they went or gone to visit or couples.  Seems there only visit comes from Taboo or the police. All the other apartments seems to always have guest or free loaders staying with them. 8)

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       We might ask the same questions of Leora and Paul; but answer would be.........Paul is about as personable as an alligator. Plus as often as he bathes, there's a good chance he smells like camel shit....NO one wants to be around BO Plenty, except Leora and she probably has nasal problems. Hence,  she ignores the puppy piss pads plus never bathes the fuckin dog, either !!

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Levs got his face glued to that video game and phone to much to have any friends . and Zoya is probably ashamed to bring hers around him she could do a hell of a lot better than that piece of crap . him and beardo need to room together they are both useless . and both those girls are decent looking .i dont know why they pick these idiots to be with when they could do so much better

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There could be a lot of reasons that they don't have guests.


Maybe they don't want to clean the apartment before someone comes over.


Possibly their family and friends live too far away.


Maybe they are introverted and just like to be together without others.  Some people like the calm of their own place without the energy that hits when surrounded by other people.


As an introvert who is married to an introvert I understand the last point.  My home is my calm space and I don't like it invaded.


We all want all the RLC residents to have non-stop sex and walk around naked, with many visitors doing the same thing, but that is not real life.  We are getting a real life view of people with real life issues.  I don't want a view where every apartment is the same.  As the saying goes variety is the spice of life.

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