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Any allergies on RLC?


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Hey Guys,


I am new here and unlike you, I have a sneezing fetish and therefore I'm wondering, is any of the girls having allergies or just randomly sneezes a lot? I realise this may be an odd question for you but I would really appreciate if you help me out a bit. O:-)

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A man got on a plane and sat next to a blonde, after sitting for awhile she sneezed, took out a tissue and wiped her nose.


  The man not knowing her said nothing and went about his business.


       After about 3 or 4 minutes she sneezed again and , the same thing,  wiped her nose again!


   Finally,the man got the nerve and curiously asked "  May I ask what is wrong with you?" 


She says, "I'm sorry, but every time I  sneeze, I have an orgasm!  


The man says, "Are you taking anything for it? "


  "Yes",she says---- "black pepper!!!!"

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Interesting question but quite hard to answer. The sexual turn on mainly comes from see someone dominated, weakened and by something they can't control. When people sneeze its a reminder they are human. You want to take care of someone. And of course sneezing can be cute.


Haha toolmaker I wasn't familliar with that one.

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Lately i feel like i am allergic to RLC. With less time viewing of the apartments it seems my health gets better and i feel less stressed at people. I think tenants wearing dirty clothes, picking their nose, no baths or showers, improperly cleaned kitchen ware or drinking out of large juice bottles or milk cartons without the use of a drinking glass or sloppy rooms - eewwwhhhhhh!!!!! Fucking gross bad habits and tough to watch. Makes my skin crawl. Just thinking about all the unsanitary actions or poor hygiene makes me nauseous. Germs everywhere. Oh and what about all the pets prancing around the apartments and even on the tables and kitchen counters where food is - lots of hair and germs. Fuck - i am gonna be sick. Looks like i might as well switch from watching dirty real life cams to more palatable dirty porn videos and cam sites.

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