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Why do some members cliam they can fuc@ the Sh%t out of Leroa? That paul ani't doing it right  he should be F#$king her brains out . Why do some member get piss cause they can't see tabu nude? Why do some members get here and just bitch? Why when one of the oldest member of RLC( Get Better Soon  You are TRULY missed)give us info some run to cc like it better? Why Did I  Get Banned? Why Are Me And Robwin Happy We ain't paying lol.. Why do we pick at BoBZ? We know why, But just think if B was not giving us info. Why do we all believe Krtec? Granted his info has been on point. @philo why is Dasha such a Ho? lol  To all the RLCF MODS why take the job? Why can you tell what time it is by whos in the shout? Why did most buy in to the K&K Kiss? Why does Suzan swalloes what  Lerch has to offer? This can go on all year. So Why Can't We Just Calm Down?     Feel free to continue WHY? WHY I'M I ASKING THESE QUESTION? CAUSE I'M GULITY OF MOST OF THEM.

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Interesting topic Shaka, I immediately thought, Why do birds suddenly appear,every time you are near? 8)
And that set me off on one.......again!
Various song titles sprung to mind that could be attributed to the RLC tenants etc. ( This one could run & run ....if anyone is still here?)

When it comes to all the male tenants or Kami's bear. = 'Why can't I be you'?   The Cure


Dasha & Dermid? = 'Why do fools fall in love'? Frankie Lymon & the Teenagers


Kami & Kristy? = 'Why can't this be Love' Van Halen


Carla and Mario? =  'Why Can't we live together.' Timmy Thomas.


Lev and the alleged assault(s)? = 'Why did you do it.' Stretch


Nina & Kira? = 'Why do lovers break each others hearts'? Showaddywaddy


Leora & Paul?  = 'Why do you love me'. Garbage.


The Girls Apt and the manipulation of it? = 'Why, oh why, oh why'. Gilbert O'Sullivan


next !.................................?

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ShaKaZulu--Love the topic, could be fun. But the truth is those of us that put down the money for RLC feel that it gives us a right to complain,Bitch,Moan,get pissed off at other members and dislike the Mods and all people in general. Now that I think about it, Its well worth the money--LOL

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