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i think a lot of people here would like to possibly be the father of her first child (instead of Paul) - lol. Leora won't risk losing this free apt for now.

You really wanna be responsible for takin care of her, as well as her off spring? That could get very expensive; first, you have to fill every room with floor to ceiling mirrors, and that wardrobe; and ice cream, ice cream, ice cream.....all the money you'll save from tampons, I guess. Holy shit. And already she has a narcissistic attitude. Imagine how her personality will be when she sees her ass gettin bigger and bigger and not to mention her belly.

  You have hugey balls to wanna be around her through all this; GOOD LUCK!!

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For that to happen Paul would have to cum inside her


Her name is Leora not Mary

Last weekend he as fucking her doggy style, he stopped thrusting (yes he did manage to stay hard) but she was so carried away she kept backing herself on his cock until she earned herself a cream pie, There is a video out there of the deed taking place this is how I found out, I'm not posting it as it's full of malware, so when you find it you've been warned.

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She's stupid but not that stupid lol Plus them two with a kid no kid deserves that lol

I'd be concerned they'd treat a kid like the dog; never goes outside; pisses and shits where ever; NOT to mention: IF Leora and Paul have NO friends, good chance the kid won't either.

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