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So Do You Think This Is Over

ShaKa ZuLu Forum VJ

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After the last two nights of B1 and B2 alleged drug induced Orgy fest do you guys believe this is over? Well I don't and is here is why. I truly believe they enjoyed themselves alleged drugs or not. The reason i say alleged is because as some shouter explained andthey'er absolutely right  we never seen the drugs or them being taken.  But as we all know if it walks like a duck and quacks  like a duck It's a Damn duck.  So with that being said there is a line in Naughty By Nature rap OPP. the line say "she keep on coming back to catch the feeling" and from what i can see they loved the feeling will they want more? some are also absolutely right  if the alleged drugs was taken unknowingly by the taker then is't there some king of crime here? But this morning they got up and went along their merry way. So I think we will see more of this. What do you think      


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I agree with you Shaka.  

Not only do I think we will see more of it, I'm hoping we will see more of it.   With better lighting please.

And I think these are choices they make - there is so much money at stake RLC is not going to risk getting closed down by risking getting caught facilitatinhg anything illegal.  

So I'm sure the girls made a choice to accept what was coming. 

Nor should we get all morally self-righteous and alarmed at the choices these girls make.    We English speaking viewers live in countries which are rich and where, by and large, life is easy.    Our daughters don't have to make such choices, though maybe some choose to because they enjoy it.

But if you're born in a shithole or an economic basket case who can blame them for taking a path out.   And if you're blessed with a body and looks men and women drool over why not exercise the power it gives and enjoy the fruits it brings.   

And yes Shaka, a duck is a duck.    Most of us eat meat, so we can't be too squeamish about how it gets on our plate.        



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4 hours ago, Rob1 said:

Damn your posts built up quick what happened did superman hack your account lol

No... I had to get  StnCld316  to fix up my old one I forgot my password and it reset me back to the beginning..... So he fixed me up back to my old account but change of name.... :P   Booffer69 here... Just Sayin ... :):P:)

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