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what i notice

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i notice a lot of old time members left the shout just now. my question is why and anyone can speak my because you all really see this for what it is fuck the drug theroy these are women get pay to be freaks  plain and simple  so what do we have here rlc pimping out there girl for rating all who said rlc was so much better than vv  well what ya think now  this is sad

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    Hey ShaKa ZuLu - As you probably have noticed that I sign in but don't get on chat or have not posted much lately (I mainly check things out to see if any improvements and curiosity). Both RLC and RLCF have changed quite a bit and I don't like how much they have deteriorated to the point of not even monitoring either sites for any length of time.

     RLC has become a major disappointment (especially without the presence of BTR) and I have lost interest with ALL apartments due to the craziness or lack of anything or same ol' shit different day. It seems that with more apartments added there is less to see and enjoy. If I say more it will just piss off others so I satisfy my voyeur appetite elsewhere.

     RLCF removed the chatbox archive so it is a bitch to stay updated on discussions about the apartments. Also the chat tone or subject matter is not to my liking. If I say more about this it will piss of others so I accept the changing of the guard. In time RLC subscribers or non-subscribers will get tired of RLC's incompetence but there will always be new subscribers so RLC will continue to make money no matter what.

     So, I will continue to observe both RLC and RLCF but at a much reduced time span since they are less appealing. SkaKu - I do miss the late night crew on RLCF and notice that many are not on or spend less time signed in also. Even long-time members are infrequent visitors to the chatbox. It is too bad but nothing we can do about this. As I expressed to texl01 in a PM - "maybe time to move on" ??? 

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well I have notice this  when they was under maintenance today for like a hour or so for no reason and then they came back online they all ready had beer at the table and like 5min later lola friend came in the apartment with beer and then we see the same thing like we saw yesterday di you not also notice how megan and Rebecca did not want any put of that at all cuz they all ready regret what happen and yes Rebecca dose have a boyfriend back at home the same with megan . to my opinion reallifecam is this desperate to get new subscribers for lola apartment if this keep's happening I will get bored with this shit like  oh wow lola and polya and stella 3 way in the tube  how exciting not  and did you not see hot the chat box light up like is same one recording this or taking pic's of this it like they never see girl on girl action at all if you want to see lesbians porn there porn sites for that  oh a another thing I also notice is this when they first open lola apartment and I know that apartment would be a party apartment cuz you rarely see a party at polya apartment. sense what we just witness two day's in a row    is reallifecam trying to be like voyager villa now with lola apartment I say yes they are from what I just saw reallifecam is not reallifecam any more............  p.s. the party that happen at lola apartment two nights in a row was planned head of time

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