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And here I though you guys were different . But just check the shout frome 6pm til now on 9/30/16. You guy s don't want real life you want some body smashing sex or some lesbian sex  or some masturbation. The only thing different is it matter who you get it from. Unlike me I don't care, It's porn wrap up in real life. so again someone explain why we pay 50.00 usd for something we can get for free? Now before all of you jump on me please understand that i was paying too, But i was not  psyching myself out, I knew what this was, So I had know real expectations of seeing real life  as we know it ,but this might be real life as Russia know it. I don't know guys just venting. tried of the balcony complains, tried of the Lola complains. So may I make some Suggestions ? 1. On certain things you can force RLC hand, And on other RLC will give you the bird. Pick and choose wisely cause once you are on there radar than the first pic you post you done banned and you won't know why. And for the fact checkers, answer me this Why can some post and face know consequences? yet when other do banned before they logout? It's about the money baby. If you bitch at RLC and turn around and post a pic , so long, goodbye, see you when we see you peace. Now this is just my opinion and I'm sure many of you see it differently. But a good motto to go by to each his own. And  with that I leave you with Prince - She's Always In My Hair. THE Girls RLC ARE.          


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