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With Madam Lola and Carolina gone, I was so hoping that Rebecca would have step up to the plate by now and put a little excitement in the apartment, but it seems she is doing more on her web page than anything.  I am sure Belle is still trying to ajust to not dancing around the apartment like she use too and occasionally getting  her drink on.  After all the boo-hoo-ing with Jasmin moving to B2, I thought maybe she had somthing better for B2 then she had for B1, and I don't really see any real difference in her there then it was at B1, "but she does sit in the living room with the other girls" untill bed time."  I am starting to think that Jasmin is running things seeing that she is not really the parting type and the last time I seen any alchole "wine" etc near her lips was the night before Carolina left.  Its appartent that she does like watching T.V most of the evenings, and when she watches everyone watches.  So with all that said "its official that B2 is now a convent for women."  for now I see no other purpose for it.  Maybe soon some one in there well jump up and say "its party time ladies!!"  but until then bring out the milk and cookies.  "This is my opinon only"!!8)

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I have not been a member for long but I agree totally. Jasmin is really boring and from what you describe it seems like she always was. Taking somewhat of a leading role in the house it seems like she brings the others down with her. I loved Belle and Becca dancing in the living room but without Becca everything is boring in that house.

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