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Another Big Mistake

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After watching these two for over 2 weeks, they are like clock work, you can almost tell what there are going to do from the time they wake up until they go to bed.  I have never seen so much arguing and fighting with two people before on RLC daily.  You would think that they was just hired to raise hell all day and fight half the night.  "Some say that there are just kids" well if that's the case they should have never been able to come to RLC, sooner or later some one is going to get hurt real bad, almost like the girl that was over two weekends ago who passed out, because she drunk and smoked so much, "you didn't need to be a rocket scientist to figure that one out".  I wonder how long well the neighbors keep knocking on the door and complaining about the noise before calling the police, I wonder how long well Kitty and Smith keep pulling the wool over RLC eyes?  I believe they both need help from all four corners and a lot of counseling.  They look like two experimental lab rats in a shoe box.:-\8)

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As of right now, Monday, Nov.21, at 11:40 a.m. Ontario Canada time, the apartment is UM.....again. I hope it is to move these two losers out and bring another couple in.

Now if they would do the same for some of the other apartments that have gotten old and stale.......

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As I posted back in Oct, these two was a very bad mistake, I could not see them holding that apartment the way they was carrying on, and some love to see them fight daily.  I really knew they wouldn't last the night there female guest got very sick and passed out. That was not good for RLC.   As I watched Kitty packing things around the apartment I notice how Smith kept trying to comfort her, as though he was ready to go anyway, he never helped her do anything, "All this sorry ass did was make some fucking popcorn" while she did everything.  I hope she learned something from all of this, and I do hope after leaving RLC she well get some help for her self.  As for Smith all he is doing is taking Kitty down a hill she may never be able to climb back up as long as she is with him.  He needs a lot of rehab "a person with out eyes can see threw him"  Kitty is very pretty sexy and smart in a lot of ways, and she needs to get even smarter and let that zero "SMITH' go.  Smith if your reading this, "your the worst of the worst"8)

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