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Another Big Mistake

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Hope fully these to can over come their problems and stop fighting so much, I have also notice they love to hid on the balcony alot and are using the hallway closet for shelter, I hope they are not another big mistake for us and RLC.  Its seems to take only seconds to please himself when having sex, "she can't be satisfied with what he is doing half the time"  "Dead Dick Smith, I have seen fire matches last longer than you"8)

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I understand Kitty and Smith packed some things and left with their friends for the night,  I wonder do they understand who pays there rent?  Anyway I hope they don't get as bad as they did last night with the drinks and the other unknown stuff.  If they where going to pack somethings, they should have taken it all. "I am sure they'll be missed." for some reason they remind me of an old singing group call "Ike and Tina" all they did when they was together was "fight, drink, and did drugs"8)

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