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What girls have you seen or haven't seen walk around naked in a living room or kitchen area


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I find it very interesting when the girls walk around topless or don't

My list of topless girls i've seen outside the bedroom or havent.
Leora-Ofcourse, Not as much anymore I felt she would stay topless most of the day but now I feel she just always stays in underwear and a shirt. But she masturbates plenty so it makes up for it

Maya-I think she has but i'm sure it's very rare circumstances, But she seems more comfortable walking around in underwear and a t-shirt even working like that.

Dasha-Can't say I ever have, Only place i've seen her fully naked is in bathroom if I remember correctly,they also have movie sex with the covers over them.

Nina,Kira- I don't know which is which, nudity in the living room/kitchen seem rare but i've seen it and I've definitely seen one chilling topless in kitchen while eating but still rare. 

Zoya- I felt like it took her a while to warm up and go topless around the house but now she can be seen topless in the kitchen,Couch or computer which is nice. But she has a skill to keep her breast blocked by random objects.

Adriana-Hahahahahaha. Never she's a full time pajama wearing prude. It's interesting because she's open in the bedroom but livingroom kitchen not topless EVER and no sexy time for Daniel in living Room.

Desiree-Pretty much Daily you can see her topless or sleeping on the couch or both

Nelly-Sure seems like 40% of the time I click I catch her topless. But it's likely after couch sex

Masha-Yup sure have just wish she'd do like topless Yoga

Elisa-Sure have her and Fima are a very sexually active happy couple it's good too see they seem to have a genuine connection making her more open to walking around naked.

Kitty-Haven't seen it yet I did see a clip of her dancing and her bra came down in the livingroom she quickly put it back on.

Stesha-Nope can't say I have but they can have a pretty full house of hookah smoking bro's So she likely doesn't have much of a chance.

Lima,Lara,Mellisa- Honestly haven't seen much from this group of girls.Last real nudity I remember was the topless massage party but they've thrown so many new girls in since then it's hard to keep up. But I know I always hopefull for some nice topless cooking with the girls from like 2-4 months ago but now I only see boobs from lose clothing.

Bonus-Susan she was actually what got me thinking about this. Because she was never seen topless outside the bedroom real shame because those would have been nice tits to just stare at on a couch ha.

Anyways Can anyone say if they ever saw Suzan,Dasha or Adriana topless casually in the livingroom or kitchen?


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Yup, you pretty much covered it as I seen or not seen it (walking around naked). I believe there are pictures of Dasha in the kitchen naked or topless. She did this the odd time but always very quick moments (few blinks and gone) and I even seen it myself (wish she would do it more often). As far as Suzan and Adriana - NEVER!!! - damn it. I agree that seeing Suzan naked in the kitchen or living room would have been priceless and a gold mine for RLC. Adriana refuses to parade around naked just like Suzan - what a shame. Stesha always wears something. Funny how it is - what you don't get - you want it (part of being a voyeur). 

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16 hours ago, texl01 said:

 I think we forgot Carina/ Sabrina.  Sabrina goes topless or has a flimsy top on. Carina aka Elvis No and thank goodness. 

Oh yes I forgot There has been a couple times, As far as vanessa well I'll never know until I make 6000%percent of the cost for a membership.

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Maya very rarely walks around nude.


Dasha hardly even walks around nude she only sometimes sneakly walks around nude to get a towel or something.


Sabrina used to walk around nude all the time she was our exhibitionist she used to walk around nude in front of her guests god knows what they thought ashame she stopped doing it really.


The Lesbians Nina & Kira walk around nude all the time well because they are lesbians they ain't afraid of fannys unlike the girls in the girls apartment lol.


Our lovely Desiree is our new exhibitionist she walks around nude all the time it is even better because she has a great body love a girl with meat on the bones.


Adriana is to tall to get nude she would rather be on her knees doing stuff lmao. (I think you know what i mean lol)


Nelly she is a real life girl she will walk around nude when she wants to a bit like Maya really.


Masha she will get nude when she wants to she has a little bit of real life in her.

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