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Girl in Homepage Video


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Ok, so I was just wondering if the blond girl in the homepage video wearing the reallifecam.com tee shirt,  is she in there as a joke or for comedy something? I mean I have to ask due to the super spastic nature of the way she moves and tries to be sexy ( LMFAO ) but mostly just looks like a little kid who has to pee really bad throughout the entire video. Plus along with the fact that she looks like a state fair or truck stop waitress, well.... Im just curious to know if that is real or like a joke?

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    Just like some of the boring apartments I keep checking out the homepage video just in case she might decide to strip off all her clothes for us. She might look awesome naked - that's the perverted voyeur in my - the hope that I will see something. Unfortunately like the apartments - just a tease and nothing extra to see. Ha Ha - just kidding. Agree Plank that video should be more "voyeur" related such as watching a girls boobs fall out of her top or camel toe or up skirt or naked cleaning (IRMA comes to mind). Should have new video about once a week or current short video from the Gallery or that was posted in the forum. Perhaps a recap (compilation) of the girls in the apartments and maybe names attached to help new members get to know them quicker. ADMIN should change the video to make it more useful and appealing. 

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Just watched the video myself. Hate to say it but rlcf has turned into cc that video just proves it we never had them kinda things on this forum what has happened to this forum? and the fact she is ugly makes it even worse she's got a nice ass/arse i will say that but that's it , get someone like Dani Daniels to support rlcf now she is fit great body.

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