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    I see that RLCF continues to grow with new members every day and as of Nov. 14, 2016 we are at 20,993 total members. How many of these members have actually logged in over the past 6 months, 1 year or 2 years? How many are still here since inception or when RLCF first started? How many members only log in to check things without chatting or making posts? What countries have the most RLCF members? What members are from a certain country such as Australia, Holland, Canada (the current search option method is an effort and probably most are not aware of it - kinda hidden inside)? How many actual female members are there (I guess the profile is not reliable as being male/female or other)? What languages do members speak (ie English only, French and English, Spanish, Russian, etc)?

     Sure would be nice if the TOTAL MEMBERS of RLCF was a bit more detailed with some stats or additional info about the members, in general (nothing too personal unless volunteered). RLC has some very boring moments and there are great members here on RLCF so this may increase chatting, posting or Personal Messages (PM's) to each other. RLCF ADMIN should try to find ways to enable more interaction between members (or sometimes referred to as a family) when RLC slows down. If there are some additional group headings for members then it might entice some to chat with others. Perhaps expand the TOTAL MEMBERS with sub groups that list members that choose to provide more relevant info about themselves or topics.

     An example would be Favorite or Followed Apartments, Languages Spoken, Age Range of the Member, Specific Voyeur Teases (bikinis, nipple slip, shower, jeans, panty hose, naked housework, feet, hair pussy, etc), Type of Women Liked (redhead, big boobs, big ass, sultry lips, brown eyed girls, BBW, mature, etc), Countries You Would Like to Visit or Have Been To, and more. If you click on France it would list all the RLCF members from France (just something more specific and easily seen). Admin can pull info from each members profile and place them in appropriate Headings - very simple.

    I just think that the TOTAL MEMBERS number is somewhat irrelevant and should be changed or upgraded to a more useable feature in terms of common subjects or data. The individual member profile is limited and specific to that person and need to look at each member. Need something better that we can highlight the large RLCF family of members for some commonality. This would be a quick go to or click on heading that will give you more info related to members or certain topics. Kinda like the search button related to RLC and RLCF. I am sure others would like to see this site improved without getting personal (individual choice to add more info).

     Only my opinion but I think RLCF should improve or update the TOTAL MEMBERS into a more user-friendly feature and help this site expand and grow beyond just a number but sort of open it up a bit more to see more things related to members individually or as a specific group. It is all doable but is ADMIN willing to change for the better?   Question to ADMIN - what is your long term goal for this site? Trying to help with some suggestions.

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