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CAM girls or not?


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In theory it must have seemed a great idea.    No problem with any of the girls having jobs outside, so why not encourage the kind of attractive high energy girls from Camming sites to work from home.   Camming keeps them in the house and gets then naked and sexy - good for the viewers.    The girls get paid twice - by RLC and the cam audience.    Everyone will be happy!

When Rebecca cammed as DreamKaty it seemed to me we viewers got a better deal than the poor saps paying to see her show.   We saw her yawning, her desultory dancing, the longuers between clients, the fake typing.   We missed closeups of her kindly face, but otherwise when she showered afterwards we got to see the whole of her delicious body whereas her clients saw only her tits.

Jessica looked at her best early the first morning in her bath.    Much better than when, over-made-up, she was faking it up during the long hours of her show hidden away in a corner of the LR.   

Maybe, after the first week of settling in has happened, Candy and Michelle will be treating us to close-up shows.    We can hope.    Give them time.

But there is a downside.   Jessica hogs the LR at B1 preventing a 'normal' interaction between her housemates, rather like Vika did when the gimp stayed.   It puts a dampener on things.     The work is tiring so she goes to bed early, like Becca used to.   

Candy and Michelle behave in the slightly larger than life way of 'stars'; so there is not the same feel as everyday girls living everyday lives.   Girls like Sia who are not cammers may feel eclipsed.

There is a poll on CC inviting everyone's view on whether cam girls on the site is good or not.   What would you vote?

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Tonight's  show from Jessica in B1 was BRILLIANT.    Nearly an hour of naked exercise on the green carpet.   WOW!!!!

Tiniest room for improvement next time, the carpet could have been turned a little to line Jess' pussy up with Cam 2.  

She set out to give us a naked show and boy did she succeed.     She has just moved the goalposts for everyone else.    

This performance has to be in most people's TOP RLC SESSIONS - especially considering the quality of the view, that pics will survive because it was on free cam, and that most other top rated views are moments rather than long sessions.

Now it seems a no brainer: having  some cam girls in the mix in B1 and B2 has got to liven things up.  

I had pretty much made up my mind yesterday during Michelle's fantastic on-cam performance which also gave us great views.   It seems likely that Mich's shows have raised the bar for everyone and that Jess tonight took up the challenge.

Against cam girls was Candy being useless and Becca's shows being very tame.   

Jess tonight has kicked those caveats out of the window.


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