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RLCF 2016 Awards - Defining the categories


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December is coming, or already here, depending on your timezone, as always a time for reflection.

What better way to round the whole year up then with the RLCF 2016 Awards? I suggest we first pick some categories, and try to limit things to maybe 7 or 8 categories, before we start nominating. Suggestions from the chatbox:

  • Best masturbation
  • Best boobs
  • Best buns

Please join in on the fun and come up with a few as well. Speaking for myself, they don't all have to be serious, I could go for a category like "cutest pet", or "most creative use of a vegetable". 


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Good idea mate. What about......

Best Performers
Worst Performers
Most Missed (the re-turner prize?)
Best New Tenant (s)
Best (sexiest) dressed.
Worst Dressed ( bag lady award)
The Award for Outstanding Contribution to the world of Sleaze.

May I suggest the vote might have to be done in a poll form or via PM's so that there is no underhand shenanigan's.

And can we have an awards evening when we can all dress up,I've got this sexy sparkly dress that I have been saving for a special occasion.


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Jeg har læst forslagene, men må tilstå det er ikke noget for Mig.

Vi kan ønske os hvad vi har behov for, men livet under RLC er ikke vores det er Beboernes.

Livet er ikke en konkurrencen .og skal heller ikke blive det  det høre ikke til mine værdier ..

Jeg er sikker på du køre den på sort humor, og så langt , så godt. :-)

Ellers er jeg stået af,  at folk vil ligge deres liv ud til offentligt skue er deres sag, i mine

øjne  taler vi om PENGE og ikke i  hvad vi som tilskuer kan bestemme, de bedste 

får flest seere sådan er livet, men i bund og grund ville jeg ikke sælge min sjæl for penge.

Lad os endelig glemme alt  om konkurrencen, den høre bestemt ikke hjemme her vi ER

DOMMERNE og igen, dem vi holder mest af får flest Kommentar og Click med Musen.

Det sidste vil være et subjektivt spørgsmål som vi ikke behøver at gøre rede for nogen 

Elsker en Lille Skoda Citigo og andre ønsker en BMW 710 GTI valget er frit !

Mange hilsner Yours

Don Jones  rigtig god aften  time my home: 18:45 UTC+1

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Thanks for all the suggestions. Since there are only three weeks left in the year, I would like to proceed as follows:

  • Option to suggest categories until saturday december 10th, 23:59 Central European Time (so just today and tomorrow). I will then post a poll wit ALL the suggested categories so we can vote for these.
  • One week voting on the suggested categories, so till saturday 17th, 23:59 CET.
  • One week nominating persons/apartments/events/pets/vegetable, whatever for each chosen categorie, until saturday 24th, 23:59 CET.
  • One week voting on the nominees, until saturday 31th, 23:59 CET.

Disclaimer: Although I'm online a lot, metioned times are estimates, I can't garantee them exactly, I might be out, or distracted by something on the cameras.

Disclamer 2: It's been 15 years since I last posted a poll in a forum, so if RLCF goes offline tomorrow around midnight, I broke something. ;)

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