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BOBz Was Assassinated

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In hind slight I ask myself a question, What did BoBZ do so wrong ?  Trying like most of us to be accepted  into RLCF in crowed. He reported on his favorite apt K&K, And at the beginning we all like BOBZ.  He was the man with the info on K&K. Wow! We loved BoBZ cause if we wanted to know something about K&K BoBZ had the answer.BoBZ became well known on the facts of K&K, There by making him liked by all RLCF . IF you had a question about K&K you waited till BoBZ was in the chat.  So BoBZ became the go to man on K&K. Would have been nice if it had stop there, but we all know it did not. He begin to report on every aspect of the girls life ,And RLCF members  are beginning to get pissed. With me and a lot of more prominent members of this forum taking pop shots at him, He faded into the nerver forum not to be heard from again. We Assassinated BoBZ. So  my question now is who will assassinated krchte if i spell it wrong oh well? Is he not doing the same thing? Oh! but sense it's translations we don't mind. And what about the other who report the girls went here,and the girls did that? Are they not doing the same thing BoBZ did? But on a different level? There are a few members of the new RLCF FORUM that are doing the exact same thing that BoBZ did yet with NO consequences. No one riding them , know one calling them crazy, or a STALKER. WHY? because they trade info in private. But these same member come to the chat with Man i didn't know she did that, or wow can you believe she did that? And my personal favorite, I will send you a PM. WHERE ARE WE THE ASSASSINS WHO WHIP ONE MEMBER TO THE GROUND TO THE NEVER CHAT ZONE, WHERE ARE WE NOW? Well i will tell you where we are.Sitting sucking up the same info BoBZ was giving us but about K&K, But on different Apartments mainly Barca--1 and Barca-2. So  now who will step up and be the assassin now? Because Shaka has learn a good lesson, one he was taught back in his childhood. careful who you talk about, all closes eyes ain't sleep. so who will step up and be the assassin now? Thank you      ps and as always yall know i give less than an ants ass what you say about me but keep it about me. and with that go in peace   

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I liked Bob.   He kept the K & K story and fanpages going for many months when they would otherwise have been deadly dull.

At the time there was quite a campaign going about translations not being helpful, and somehow Bob's extra sources of information get mixed up in the vitriol.   Bob usually gave back at least what he received, but he was one against several.

He had a chance to keep his peace and he would not.   Too much fighting spirit.  

What happened to him was not clear, and probably was not fair, but the constant fighting was ruining the fanpages for K & K so something had to be done and the Mods took action for the sake of the site.

He gave a lot to this site so we have all missed out by his absence.   

Did he come back under another name with a less rebarbative persona?   For a time it seemed possible.    I hope he did.


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