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Why is RLC Fucked up?


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This is why rlc is fucked up they put model's in the apartments all the time or wannabe pornstars who do camming ain't it about time we had normal girls for a change this stuff especially happens in the girls apartment , hate seeing girls who start doing camming to get attention that's all they are doing it for guys for attention and now they have started putting abusers back on rlc anyone with a criminal past or likes hurting women should not be allowed on rlc.

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I don't really dislike the cam shows them selves but I'm missing the parties with Belle and Becca, they didn't need a cam show as an excuse to get nude.
Nowadays most the nudity seems to happen in the bathrooms and bedrooms. I don't understand though why Jessica is doing her cam shows in the living room? 
I would be annoyed if I were one of the other girls having to take that into account if I wanted to watch tv for instance.
She would probably also get more attention on RLC if she did it in a good camera angle.
Then again maybe she does even better now when two (bad) cameras are covering her show?

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Some of the apartments can't be an apartment....the girls change daily, it must be a motel room....the names of the girls are changing faster than my underwear !!!!! They eat fruit or salads, and are constantly dancing around to music.....my guess is they are night club strippers....... what girl moves into an apartment for 2 days ???? and is gone....replaced by another girl for 3 days, then she is gone...... what's up with that ?????

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23 hours ago, Scotsman84 said:

Night Club Strippers.. Lol they wish

I remember years ago going into the strip clubs in the daytime; these would be the girls working those hours. Ugly, can't dance and they kept the lights down very low. It was just something going on for the owners to serve drinks.

 I can very easily see the Barca trio working these clubs. As long as no one has to hear Lima's fog horned voice.........YUCK

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I think both Nicole and Jessica both could be great strippers, they sure are much prettier then Lima and yes you are right about her voice.
What i don't get is what's going on with Anabel? Earlier you could watch them on the couch talking to someone one the pc.
It was Efim controlling the pc and he showed off Anabel tits and ass to someone by holding the pc inn odd angles. There was nothing sexual about it between the two.

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