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Lets be fair. If rob(forum moderator) can have his Leora Lovers with the warning Lovers Only Than I want Haters Only. So let me start she is a self center attention whore would rather phuck her reflection in the mirror than her man. RLC needs to giver her an Oscar for her fakebate And as far as Paul not doing his job if you tried something over and over again and came out with the same results you would eventually quit trying who wants to phuck on someone's else's terms. And did I mention she look like a man? Oh well who's next I know there are some Leora haters in here

That leora lovers topic I did was taking the piss because I hate her myself that was the hole point of doing it if you read my leora lovers topic carefully you can see I am taking the piss
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   @rob(forum moderator) I know you hate her, I remember us discussing your  point back when I first arrived here. But i'm curious as to how these two to topic will split who would win lovers or haters.   

the haters normally always lose the lovers always win that's how the old saying goes like good always wins and bad always loses so not much hope there but i am ready for the battle let the battle commence

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You see her masterbate once you don't need to see her again lol like being on repeat 


When you or anybody else masturbates, what is expected from him/her to do?? A masturbation is a masturbation Leora has her own style, Elise and Zoya also have their own styles .. 

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Maybe she and Lev could get together.  I've seen Paul many times trying to get her motivated.  One time on the sofa he had his hand in her pants and she got up to get ice cream out of the freezer.  Many times while they are playing, she spends more time playing with her hair or the dog.  If I was Paul, I would have given up a long time ago.

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