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Where Is Your Evindence

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First i,m not trying to throw salt on anyone's tail But where is the concrete prove that these girls are ho's the only thing I heard is Alex works in the sex trade and is pimping the girls out but how do we know this why can't it be they want to make money and Alex hangs with the money maybe they are using him to get close to the money And also i don't think any of these girls are naive about the sex game. but sense we are throwing theories out there here is one the girls meet Alex at a club Alex fills them with food and drinks all out of his pocket so the girls don't spend a dime now Alex thinks ok going to get some pussy now but no just some pussy play and go home girls had a good time and it cost them nothing see i see it both ways why can't Alex be naive in thinking he's going to fuck one of them so he buy gift spends money left and right  it works both way so i'm not so quick to think these girls are ho's  as much as i think they are golddiggers  next i'm against moving the twins to b-2 this is how all the bullshit got started in the first place first with belle and then nichole and from what we seen friends under one roof is not always a good thing ok that's all i have for now feel free to comment everyone is welcome too

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Hi Shaka,

This is in answer to both this question and your post Those Damn Girls

I must have missed both the evidence and the comments on the behaviour because suddenly I was aware of some people being very loudly anti Alex (I believe this is the chap I would call the Fat Photographer - or Tiny Snapper).

As you point out, a similar thing happened a few months ago when suddenly, for no reason I had seen, several seasoned posters were calling some of the girls prostitutes.   They became quite fixated on it, which would have been upsetting for the girls if they do read what we write.   Eventually the Mods took some action and when challenged to provide evidence their comments gradually died away.   

But posters  are here to have fun, and we all have different tolerance of what is fair comment.     Being always balanced, even handed, and acting only when the case is certain may be good advice to give a teenager but it would make for a pretty boring site.    Eventually, especially in Chat, the guys who shout loudest and most bitter usually don't hang around long.

So why the anti Alex comments?    Fat old guy gets to finger up lovely models in house full of beauties:-   I guess if you are still young and handsome, and a little lacking in imagination, you might think this is awful.    But if the girls are ok with it - and that is probably a matter of gifts/treats/money - then the rest of us who are even older and fatter than Alex, or have never mixed in that milieu, might well think Lucky Bastard.

Having said which, I remember the look on Megan's face the first major Lola party night when Hairy Arse Man took off his pants to be massaged.   It was disgust - and it was priceless.

That's entertainment.



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Hi ShaKa and iloner,  I liked both of your comments.

The past few days I noticed the animosity by some Members when 'Alex' turned up at B1.  Very immature comments were made and it was thrown around, to write to RLC asking for Alex to be banned. -- Just who do these Members think they are.   Stella came home with Alex, they had a bit of food shopping with them. Irma was in her bathrobe and was pleasant and smiling, interacting with Alex. ( despite the comments," Irma was not happy to see Alex" - some see things others never do. )  The girls welcome Alex and if he is a problem to them surely the girls would get RLC to intervene.  

Any Tenant may have Guests of their choosing , that's their prerogative, despite the upstarts who think otherwise.  

It is high time for these Members to re-evaluate their reasons for Logging on to RLC and get a grip on exactly what a Voyeur Site is.   As pointed out by @ iloner these 'loud and bitter' posters don't hang around for long - Thank Christ for that. 

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