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Fan Page Karol

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Saw Karol in the bath yesterday and again this morning, but both times she was hidden behind the open computer lid and the sink counter top.   Then, when she got out she managed to conceal herself behind towels.

She looks attractive, except I don't like that big tattoo.   

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Last night she was flying under Danaya's tits.

They had been having fun in the LR chatting and Dany was doing comic movements to make K laugh, while Mich lay asleep in bed joined by visitor bloke.

Dany straddled her and gently massaged her back using only those lovely breasts.   Karol giggled and giggled, and then smilingly stroked D's breasts for at least 10 mins while D lay on her back.   After a few minutes D took her opportunity to stroke Karol's nipples with her fingers - they hardened under her fingers,  which both girls noticed and I thought K might stop, but she carried on.   

D make a cup of tea and then they watched porn together: initially gay blokes sucking and buggering (much manly posturing in the Chat room - but we all stayed watching) then a tranny and then some straight porn.    No girl girl - I was disappointed, but perhaps Dany doesn't want to go too far too fast.  

Suddenly they went to separate beds, and I stayed watching Karol who kept completely covered but must have been bating big time - there were thrustings and upheavals going on between those legs.

Now Dany has had a bit of a green light my guess is Karol is going to be a sweet desert after dinner every night.   Yes, please.


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She masturbated last night under the covers. I don't mind the girls masturbating under the covers to be honest, that's real life, but I think covering your head/face under the covers is a bit much though. I wish more of the girls would be able to be like Adrianna and just do it, no shame no hiding, just real life (cam).

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Karol is getting more and more sexy.   At the end of each evening she has lain on her bed legs apart and stroked her pussy gently over her knickers and then disappeared under the covers for the upheaval of a finale.

Danaya was hot for her but has cooled, and who knows whether Mich is just being fun?   Actually, if Mich or Dany wanted Karol they would just grab her by the pussy and she would go along with it.

So it is all just for fun.    But I do think there is a plan they are following.  

Sometime the damn must burst in the open.   


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Karol arrived at B1 with Nicole. For some time Nicole was out on the balcony smoking then on her phone. Karol was talking to Jess while she was cooking. I guess a change of company from B2 and two girls happy to chat.

Nicole changed and Jess was in her cooking outfit. Karol relatively was overdressed.

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