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RLC Girls Apartments

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This message I put here, but I think I could put any of the other threads open, because I think it can be applied right now to the two houses in Barcelona.
This message is mainly aimed at those who still think about becoming members of RLC payment, because they see attractive two houses of girls in RLC ...
To tell them that everything is a hoax and a scam ... yes I say well and I reaffirm myself, it is an outrage and a scam.

Now I explain my point of view ....

I like you, since more than a year and a half I have been RLC customer payment, that with a cost of more than 800 € for me pocket ... figure not at all negligible.

In this time, the houses have had better times and worse times ... in them we have seen in the house of the girls, couples living together for a period of time, we have seen some meritorious parties, I have even contemplated parties that have been Memorable, unfortunately in a year, I can only say, that they have been two nights ... (two nights in 365 nights ... I think the figure catches the eye).
On the other hand, we have seen, as the girls have used a lot of money, some have seen more than 3000 € in their bed ... a figure that many people would like to have ... or have seen as "visitors" of girls have given Money to the girls ... thing that many people we were surprised to see ... but perhaps of the most surprising thing, is to listen to one of the members of the house, as it agreed a money by phone to have a "meeting" that night ... (how?) ... Yes, yes, dear reader, this we witnessed many people ....


But I think the most confusing moment was when the girls, in one of the last parties, used drugs, publicly ... that night, a lot of people wrote to RLC, I think that warning that that had gone too far ... and Indeed, not an hour passed from that fact, the party, it was over ...

Well, to be fair, those have been punctual cases ... certainly not the general rule.

But lately, if we have had the worst months of RLC, without a doubt, and not because the girls are of worse quality than the previous ones..no, I'm not talking about that.
What I'm talking about is, from the point of view of the customers ... the absence of the girls from the houses, night after night ...

That's where I want to inform future RLC customers who want to become paid members ...

 RLC, offers a 24/7 view of people in front of the cameras ... and I tell them ... in most cases, it is true ... because there are some houses with pairs, in which it seems that the People have nothing to do but to be in the house ... and in many cases, what they sell is sex, night after night ....
But let's go to what interests us ... the girls' houses, which they now call "holiday girls", in these houses most of what you will see will be girls who spend their days sleeping, afternoons or going for a walk , Or start to get ready, to go out at night ...


And that's where I want to send you my message ... you with all the goodwill, you'll want to see these girls, maybe at some party something uptight ... false ... that was before ... now, what More you will see are parties, where you will only see that they paint their bodies ...
But you will say ... maybe some bring some "friend" as not long ago have brought the house ... equally false ... the "friends" of the girls, were very special things (not the subject of this comment ) But maybe someone will give you more information on what those visits were. But I hope it is not anyone who works for RLC, or more than information, will misinform.
These last girls have quite separated their intimate life outside the house, and the life they carry inside the house.

Finally I wish you luck in your decision, and I hope this message serves for what was thought, and is to give real information, that is RLC, without makeup,
From there, you are already a reader and possible client to know what world is getting into.

Good luck and thanks for reading.
(If there is luck and do not delete my message.)

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  • StnCld316 changed the title to RLC Girls Apartments

Curiosities ... use of the laundry ...
Since always, in B1, there has been a room that has always been vetoed to RLC customers ... reason? RLC, always said that in that room there were only things or nothing happened to the customers ... but like everything in life, in the end, things are put in place ... and in the end, and again, RLC LIES to its customers ...
At first ... could be true that RLC, was right. But the girls discovered long ago that this is their private room ... a private room?


If RLC, it hides spaces, because they could be considered intimate, such as the beating cup ... (well, as can be seen by RLC customers) some of those cups if they come out on the camera ... but in general, it is An area that RLC considers private.
But as I always say, this could be another topic of discussion, and that is not the subject of this comment.


A we talked about the ghost room ... the laundry room of B1 ...
I will tell the readers that in that room, we know that there is the washing machine of the house, a curious question, when in other houses of the same block of buildings, this one is in the kitchen ... and that room becomes a Small studio or TV room ...


Well, continuing with the room, apart from the washing machine, we know that some girls have kept their suitcases in that room (but not all of them have kept their suitcases in their own rooms). In that room we also know that they keep the ironing board and the iron itself ...

But let's go to what really matters to the reader ... why do we talk about this room?

Well we talk, so RLC, and the girls, do not want us to see ... in that room, we have been able to check, because there are recordings, as curious, as girls who have had sex inside that room (but as you know But there are cameras inside?)
It is true that there are no cameras inside, but the couple in question was so noisy, that from the main room, you could hear the blow against the wall and especially the moan of the girl ... Many of the readers will remember that I I mean


But everything does not end in that, have happened curious things, like that the girls have used that room to consume nonlegal substances ... another issue that creates controversy ... but as I know there will be people who do not believe ... Ask for questions How do Stella and Gina do on a party night, so many visits to a room that is supposed to be nothing?
We could get into speculation ... what would it be ...


They have to talk about something very intimate and they do not want to be seen ... reasonable ... but on the bottom floor there are a couple of areas where there are no cameras, and where the girls use them when they do not want to be neither afraid nor Seen by the cameras ... and are the toilet and the hall of the house ...

They have to talk to RLC and RLC is who makes the girls enter that room ... true, in some occasion RLC or who organizes that house, has made the girls enter that room, but it is difficult for RLC, call So continuously to the girls to that room ...

But RLC can talk to the girls ... if, of course, no one who has a company knows that they do not have an eye on their company ... In all the houses, and Barcelona, is no exception, nothing moves If RLC does not approve.

But let's continue ... there will be people who say, but that case was punctual, true, that case could be punctual, and that girl is not at home ... well, to say, that night, not only disappeared Stella, Gina also Was with her ... (also?), If so. They left the house, with nothing, but they also came back with nothing ... strange after more than an hour
These are some of the things that happen in the room, which according to the RLC itself, nothing happens ...


The next time the girls enter that room, I ask ... will they do the laundry?

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Hi Vortious,

How your English has improved over the year or two you've been posting here.    Thank you for commenting always in English, and sometimes with a strange piquancy that makes your posts quite wonderful. Thanks also for sharing your local knowledge of Barcelona.

You have committed huge amounts of time and energy to watching RLC and commenting, mostly in chat, here and on CC.     My memory is that the majority of your posts  are very positive.

The two posts you make above do reflect some things about the site that annoy some people, In fact perhaps many people.

But it strikes me that you must love and enjoy an awful lot about the girls in Barca 1 and 2  or you wouldn't spend so much time with them and us.

So I write this not to contradict what you say which has an element of truth, but to put into perspective that there is much to enjoy as well as some things to moan about.

Sometimes it is only right and fair to criticise and point out the negative. Without criticism there would be little improvement.    This forum gives us a  platform both to praise and blame, say what we love and what we find annoying.

It is good that we can have a moan  when we think it necessary; so the admonition at the start of each forum Say Only Positive Things is in my view not reasonable  (dear Mods, please don't shoot  the messenger).     I have certainly had a good fair few  moans in the past.     

But having said what needs to be said we should move on for the sake of those who are enjoying everything and having a good time.

While I have been typing this Belle and Violetta  have both been writhing on their beds  in the late afternoon warmth as though they are working up to a bate, with coincidences of timing of when they rollover  and stop and get up that made me wonder whether Violeta  was on her phone watching Belle for study tips.     Probably just my wishful thinking, but it underlines how there is always something to speculate  about and enjoy.




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It would be hypocritical for me to not admit that yes, it has been a very active follower of RLC, I can not quantify if much or little ... because I compare myself with who?

The truth is that since I decided to speak, or comment on several pages, it is true that I have always tried to help colleagues in the forums where I participated.

It is true that I have won some enmity, most of the time, to say my point of view, that many times will not be the most pleasant, nor the one that RLC would like to hear ... but as I have always said, it is an opinion Therefore partial, but what I will never do is lie, First because it is of no use, and second because it does no good to anyone.

On the other hand, it has never been my intention to communicate with the girls, nor do I want to talk to them, let alone have an affair with them (forgive this little joke, but many of the comments I read lead me to that conclusion)

I always speak for RLC clients, and for RLC. My intention was from the first day, to denounce or things that were wrong (always from my point of view) or things that could be improved.
We all remember the denunciation that we made day by day of the lack of a camera in the balcony of B2 ...
But the need is not created by the customers, but, the behavior of the girls, in passing, some of them hours and hours ...
Do you really believe that if clients would have shut up and just say the things that work and we like them, would RLC ever have that camera in place?
In my opinion, I think that complaining for a long time, could help to make that camera work.


In another order of things, in my experience, as a trade unionist, and a fighter for the freedoms of people, I feel proud, if my comments hurt, you know why? Because the truth hurts, while the lie, only anger and in the end turns against who lies.

Contrary to what you may think, or many people think, I do not mind that people are happy in my city, in fact I love it ... because Barcelona really is a beautiful city, it has many things to offer our Visitors ... both day and night.

I love that the girls are happy, and that they go out and have relationships with boys ... But everything has to have a limit, especially if we are talking about a business, and if we forget it, or we lose the objective of this page that Is to offer entertainment to voyeur people ... who pay to be in front of a computer watching people, how they live their life ... I think we are doing a disservice to the people who come here to enjoy their time.
We may agree or disagree on how many hours can be considered acceptable ... but that would take us too long and it is not a question of that.

But only one point ... I think an empty house is acceptable, from my point of view not ... and both?

Not to make me too long in this .. just one last thing, when girls make parties, or when girls do things that are nice to most, you will see that I say positive things ... but you will not hear me say "I love you or I want to "one or another girl, because the only woman that I care at the moment is my woman and it is the one I love, and it is the one that I thank God, that tolerates to me day to day.

Forgive me if my answer is too long ...

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I offer you some fun ... and why not, something to think about ...
I'm thinking to ask the RLCF colleagues who follow the houses of the girls, answer a simple question ... but that requires a little knowledge of the behavior of this group of girls ... pretend to be fun, but at the same time , Who has the audacity to know before it happens ...
The question is simple ...

How many nights do you think the girls will leave empty houses to party?
The ideal is that you differentiate between B1 and B2 ... since that way, it complicates a little thing ...
On Sunday, we will see who will do more ...
Ideally, it should not be reset after Wednesday.
Today is easy to respond, but hey, we're not going to be very punctilious either ...

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6 minutes ago, vortios said:

I offer you some fun ... and why not, something to think about ...
I'm thinking to ask the RLCF colleagues who follow the houses of the girls, answer a simple question ... but that requires a little knowledge of the behavior of this group of girls ... pretend to be fun, but at the same time , Who has the audacity to know before it happens ...
The question is simple ...

How many nights do you think the girls will leave empty houses to party?
The ideal is that you differentiate between B1 and B2 ... since that way, it complicates a little thing ...
On Sunday, we will see who will do more ...
Ideally, it should not be reset after Wednesday.
Today is easy to respond, but hey, we're not going to be very punctilious either ...


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I think that the issues that you have raised here, frustrating though they are, can only be viewed as frustrating and nothing more.

The two biggest gripes over the past few months have been that most of the girls don't show/perform enough and they go out too much. Obviously one can relate to the other because IF they are getting " satisfaction " outside the apartments, they are not going to need it inside.

Unfortunately, the problem with complaining about this is that the simple response would be that it is not stated anywhere that any actions of a sexual nature are guaranteed, or even possible. This is an expectation based on occasional previous events. None of the girls, past, present or future do anything that they are not comfortable doing, and rightly so.

As I have said, the regular absences from the apartments can be particularly frustrating and they happen more now than ever before. When it was Lola, Megan and Amy when I first joined, I can't remember them ever being out in the evenings, but even Lola is at it now. However, bearing in mind that these are girls, primarily in their twenties, living rent free in a big city, with nothing to do, I am surprised that they don't go out even more than they do.

In regard to the laundry room in b1, I agree that there shouldn't be a blind spot in a voyeur project which presents itself as it does but, if this room is being used for partaking in suspicious substances, as has been suggested, we should think about why they feel it necessary to have to hide away when doing so.

We, as voyeurs, expect to be able to watch these girls 24/7 going about their daily lives. The key word here is " watch ". We are not their keepers and should not expect to judge their actions. We are now seeing the result of the reaction by many to the previous use of substances - which IS a part of many people's lives - partly in these secret actions and more-so in the scaled down versions of the party nights.

The bottom line is that the best action from the back end of last year would not have happened without stimulants so, as far as I'm concerned, if that's what they want to use the b1 laundry room for, carry on.

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