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Over the last 8 months I have subscribed to 3 of the cam sites so I thought a review might be helpful for others considering a paying membership.


The duration of my memberships varied...

Reallifecam - 3 months

Voyeur-House - 2 months

Voyeur-villa - 3 day trial.


As far as pure quality and performance of cams Reallifecam has an advantage, I live in the US and in the country so I have a slower connection than someone in the city at only 9mb but Reallifecam performs damn near flawlessly even with max cams open (except for the occasional party in the "stripper apartment" on the living room cam which I would imagine lagged due to too many viewers at once).  Lots of cams, lots of apartments, of course some better and more active than others.  Most expensive of the sites.  No archives and 24 hour replay only available with very expensive extra fee.

Voyeur-house quality of cams is good, some angles are not good but I found that in Reallifecam and voyeur-villa as well, I'm sure some rooms just aren't setup great to station a cam.  Tons of activity in most apartments and the INCLUDED archives and 24 hour rewind/replay are GREAT.  Quite a few apartments although  not as many as Reallifecam.  Loved how there were frequent over night visitors with lots of additional activity from them.

Voyeur-villa cam quality are decent, not a lot of apartments but they did have INCLUDED archives and 24 hour rewind/replay which was great although when I searched further back in the archives there are tons of time waster recordings of the residents just hanging out doing nothing which was a bit frustrating but the newer ones are much better.  I loved the 3 day trial, honestly with the limited amount of cams/apartments this option was the only way I would have spent any money here.


Going forward I expect I will be resubscribing to Voyeur-house, although I like the cams/apartments of Reallifecam a bit better, the lack of an included archive and 24 hour replay is a killer for me, being from the US by the time an average person gets home from work and eats dinner it is between 3 am and 5 am where these apartments are so they are almost always sleeping with any activity done and over with, I understand getting the most money from your subscribers so you can offer more apartments etc but I really think RLC is dropping the ball and missing out on a lot more subscribers from around the world by not including those features, personally speaking....if RLC started including those features I would resubscribe immediately..


I have not tried Camarads, they have very limited apartments and I have yet to "catch" any activity on the free cams to entice me.


Just my 2 cents guys, hope its helpful to someone.




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