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Embarrassing accidents


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If my recollection is correct I think former Barca 1 tenant Lima had several accidents during her stay. I believe they are still posted under her name. Probably the videos were removed. Most, if not all, hilarious events were caused by alcohol or other substances. I enjoyed her stay because she was kinda predictably unpredictable and fun to just watch her. Wonder if she will ever be given a second tour or vacation. 

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Like @Max 2017 already mentioned, the A&E party back in January was a good one. In fact, that whole party was one drunken mishap. People falling flat on their faces while entering or exiting the Jacuzzi, guys bouncing off the walls trying to navigate the apartment, one guy barfing on the guestroom floor. Star of the show was Fluffy, going down after exiting the tub, falling over while dancing in the LR using the hammock as a make-shift stripper pole, and to top it all off, crashed right through the glass coffee table.

And as @dougiestyle4u said, Lima was drunk quite a lot. Fell asleep in her plate once, Jessica and Nicole cleaned her up afterwards. On another occasion tried to get up from the couch, failed and face planted back on the couch.

Some other examples: Drunk Gina was seen wetting the bed in her sleep once. Stella tried to light a shot glass of Absinthe on the dining table at B1 and set the whole table on fire. Helen trying to do some erotic dancing on the railing of the stairs at B1, fell down on the chair that's under the stairs. Belle and Michelle falling of the coffee table they were dancing on at B2. And the fair share of drunk people vomiting: in the toilet, in the sink, in the bathtub, on the floor.

And not really an accident, but the B1 girls being startled at the balcony by some sort of wildlife (mouse, rat, creepy neighbor, who knows? The culprit was off camera, but gave the girls a good scare).

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