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Notice That A Majority (75 to 80%) of RLC Female Tenants Name Ends in an "a"


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     Is it just a coincidence or done on purpose or poor imagination that most of the RLC female tenants name ends in "a".

For example, Nina, Kira, Leora, Lola, Irma. Nora, Jessica, Adriana, Masha, Kamila, Carla, Dasha, Lima, Stesha, Polya, Ilona, Yana, Eva, Lana, Linda, Martina, Taya, Olivia, Julia, Zlata, Irina, Leona, Nita, Regina, Renata, Tereza, Maya, Zoya, Vanessa, Carina, Sabrina, Anezka, Lera, Jitka, Alina, Diana, Sofia, Elisa, Katka, Veronica, Polina, Marta, Katya, Alma, Milana, Gina, Violetta, Stella, Mia & Lia, Layla, Vika, Aida, Milena, Rita, Sara, Danaya, Anna, Vasilisa, Angelina, Rebecca, Sia, Carolina, and so on.

   My rough calculation based on current and former tenants is that around 75 to 80% of the females have a name ending in an "a". Maybe it is based on who or where the RLC ownership group is. Just an observation that I have been keeping an eye on and curious about the name selections. Any thoughts?

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