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Fan Page Anglelika

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Well from the amount of comments I see in here on her.........lol 

I'm going to ask anyway even thou the silence in here pretty much answers my question......lol

Has ANYONE EVER seen this girl naked yet... ??

I'm not talking about the crack of her ass when she takes a cowarding shower/bath in the far back corner of the tub....lol

I know from my time table I don't get to catch alot of crap that goes on in any of the apartments, but, on the week ends I do get to see some of it....

Now, since her and wannabe blondie showed up... Haven't seen either of them in a hint of nudity....

Oh sorry, blondie accidently flashed her nipple putting on her bra this morning.....lol

Until this morning I wasn't even sure if they took a bath or shower since they've arrived......lol

And don't even get me started on the other 2 lazy ass girls that are there.......lol

B1 with the bullshit 3somes/baths they've been putting on... 


The corpses in B2, it's a no wonder there is more negative comments then positive ones...

Well folks if this is all this so called site ( rlc ) is going to give viewers, I'm surprised to hell how many viewers they have...

Most of the crap that goes on in these places I couldn't care less for... As long as there is neked bodies walking around... I'm slightly happy....lol

I could go on forever but me rant is over I guess..for now anyway....lol

JUST SAYIN..... :):P:)


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She's without a doubt the worse Rlc tenant ever. It's hard to believe she's actually a tenant and what really is her pathetic reason for being there.  She isn't interesting at all. Just so consumed with making sure she doesn't show any flesh. It's as if she thinks non of us have seen a naked woman before and somehow seeing her naked will start a revolution or maybe she has some secret intelligence stuck on her tits she doesn't want to leak. No one is commenting because there is simply nothing to comment on. No real personality to talk about. Just there to fool us like so many of these imbecile girls, grab the money and flee with a big "fuck you' to us on their way out the door. :-\

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Angelika has left the building.....It's about time. All she did was take up space and consume food. Why she ever became part of the B2 project is strictly speculative. I didn't find her in the least bit appealing.

Hopefully, her replacement will fire up the sputtering engine that B2 is at the moment.

Now that Renata has moved from B1 to B2 could signal a more interesting atmosphere in the apartment.

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