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Paul on vacation? or unemployed?

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7 hours ago, vetteguy said:

He's been home what a solid week now, if not longer. dude needs o go to work

I agree. At first I thought maybe he had a week vacation, but he is home now too ( their Monday evening ). 
With Leora being one of the main draws to RLC, I believe they will see quite a drop in viewers if he continues to stay home.

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I'd get a kick out of seeing Leora bate on the couch while numb nuts Paul sits at his computer picking his nose, completely oblivious or detached while she pays the rent.  There was a time when she was sitting on the couch naked, legs spread and running a finger up and down her slit while he was at the computer.  He looked at her, said a few things, and turned back to the screen with zero indication he noticed what she was doing. 

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Regarding Paul's employment.

Please be serious about Paul. Recently I overheard a conversation between L&P. The atmosphere was calm, satisfied and joyful.  For me it was little fast and unclear (due to the TV set) but from what I could catch:

It was about their future plans, about the regime in their country etc. L told P several times he must go and register some Intellectual property of his. I deduce that what we mistook for aimless surfing, he was developing some software, and now it comes to completion. I the past he was reading manuals, and playing a lot with soldering tools while sitting behind the PC,  later there was a remote controlled quadruple flying toy. It all matches and makes sense. 

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